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KONI Shock Absorbers and the SCCA have a very strong history from the 1950s all the way up to the present day. KONI views the SCCA as a strategic partnership in the history and future of the company and of motorsports.  KONI adjustable shocks and struts have for decades been a cornerstone and often starting point for performance suspension refinement and tuning.

KONI is proud to support the SCCA and its members in many ways including being a supporter of regional and national autocross and club programs like road racing.  For nearly 20 years, KONI is the only manufacturer to provide free on-site damper service at the SCCA Solo National Championships. A charter supporter of the SCCA’s Track Night in America program, KONI is title sponsor of the TNiA KONI Novice Experience. New for 2018, KONI joined as a supporter of the SCCA’s Member Retention and Referral program offering a discount on all KONI apparel. Looking for ways to build on your shock tuning knowledge? KONI provides free seminars and technical assistance to help members and competitors excel through improved suspension control, better consistency, and durability.  KONI is the sole shock and strut supplier for SCCA’s popular new Solo Spec Coupe (SSC) autocross class making their Tire Rack SCCA Solo Nationals debut next week in Lincoln!

KONI is proud to have been selected many times over many decades as the #1 damper brand of choice in the SCCA membership surveys (thanks members!).  Automotive enthusiasts like SCCA members know that shock absorbers and struts can make a significant improvement in street and racing car performance, handling, comfort and longevity and they trust KONI as their supplier.

Founded in 1857 in Oud Beijerland, The Netherlands, KONI was originally a horse saddle and leather goods shop.  When automobiles and trucks were first introduced after the turn of the century, KONI (the company name was drawn from the middle of the founding de Koning family name) started making many products to support and improve their performance, reliability, and longevity.  KONI began making automotive friction dampers in the 1930s and started making adjustable telescopic hydraulic shocks absorbers right after World War II.

KONI entered motorsports in 1955 with the international Dutch Tulip Rally and soon worked with Ferrari in 1956 to improve their suspensions.  KONI began officially participating in Formula 1 with Ferrari in 1958 and has been involved in Formula 1 every year since then. In that time, KONI has won over 250 Formula 1 races and 13 World Championships.  KONI’s performance products have competed and won in all of the world’s major motorsports venues and races including LeMans, the Indianapolis 500, the Daytona 500,  the Dakar Rally, the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, etc. and innumerable wins and championships at every level of amateur and professional motorsports in autocross, road racing, drag racing and oval track.

Although KONI is best known to the public for Automotive and Motorsports dampers, KONI is also a world leader in suspension damping solutions for Light and Heavy Duty Trucks and RVs, city buses and motor coaches, military vehicles, railway locomotives, and industrial applications.  Anywhere that motion control is important, KONI offers world class damping solutions.

The KONI North America team is proud to have staff members who are SCCA members who are active in club racing (both as drivers and workers), autocross, road rally and elected regional leadership.  For more information regarding KONI products and activities, please go to (North American site) or (European site) or visit them on social media at Facebook (KONI Shock Absorbers) and Instagram (@konishocks).

SCCA members who refer a friend to membership will be entered to win a set of KONI shocks! For full details, go to