Virtual SCCA SRF Challenge: Bordeaux Upsets Podium

While drivers battle it out on tracks across the country, with the hopes of making it to the SCCA® National Championship Runoffs®, a fight of a different kind has been happening on digital racetracks across the digital world. Over the last few weeks, the SCCA Spec Racer Ford Challenge, Presented by the Skip Barber Racing School on iRacing, has been in full swing. We are headed into the final weeks of the inaugural season, and the racing is only getting better.


In week eight, we had a huge upset in the results when Tommy Bordeaux got a fantastic win right at the start of the week, that was enough to boost him straight to the top of the charts, where he stayed for the remainder of the week. While Bordeaux has been fighting inside the top three for most of the season, this upset pulled Zachary Le Vey off the top step for the first time since the season opened. It also gave Larry MacLeod some room to squeeze himself into second place, totally flipping the championship podium around.


Finishing out the top five, Paul Darling managed to take fourth away from Brian Coulson this week. Paul and Brian have been swapping positions back and forth over the last eight weeks, making for some great points racing to watch.


Here are the top 15 drivers from the series, in their current standings:

1-Tommy Bordeaux

2-Larry MacLeod

3-Zachary Le Vey

4-Paul Darling

5-Brian Coulson

6-Kevin Buchholz

7-Brett Holton

8-Jeremy Lux

9-David Sockrider

10-Joel Bruns

11-Cyrus Durgin

12-James Coughlin

13-Todd Rushing

14-Cody LaBar

15-Dmytro Guzhva


To top it all off, Tommy Bordeaux and Larry MacLeod are in the top 15 overall in the series in iRacing. That means two of our own are driving well against some of the best eMotorsport drivers in the country, a list of 2000+ Spec Racer Ford drivers! Well done to all of these drivers for putting on such a great show.


If you want to get in on the action, just visit and check out this page to get into the running. If you want to get involved, but just don’t know what you need to get moving, check out this piece, and call it an easy button to get into eSports.


Thank you to all the drivers that are supporting this series, and giving something cool watch while we can’t be in race cars out on track. The season has a few more weeks left, which means the three-day Skip Barber Racing School is still up for grabs! Grab a seat, and get your race on!