Racers360 Now Offers Same Day Turn Around on Pro Coaching!

Racers360, our partners who provide remote personal coaching to drivers of all levels, is launching an option for same day turnaround to help you during your race weekends! You can get advice and tips from pros like Memo Gidley, Mike Skeen, Jade Buford and Dion von Moltke.

How does it work?

As long as you purchase your session at least 5 days in advance, Racers360 will match you with an excellent pro coach who can help you get the most out of each lap.

During the purchase process from within their new dashboard, you can select either the option to pick the coach you would like to work with or the “Same Day Turn Around Time” option. Select “Same Day Turn Around Time” and then set the day you want coaching. That day, you’ll login to your profile and upload your lap video and the coach takes care of the rest! Later that day you have your detailed coaching video you can watch as many times as you need to prepare for your next session.

Your videos will be stored in your profile along with additional notes and goals from your coach to help you for future days at the track.

Take a tour of the whole setup!

Coaching from the pros has never been more affordable, and SCCA members get 10% off coaching packages! See your next renewal packet for details, or contact Racers360 directly to get the deal at Team@Racers360.com 

To get started or learn more, go to https://racers360.com/

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